How To Tell If AirPods Are Fake

The AirPods could be Apple’s most well-liked product since the iPhone. But whenever a new, popular product is introduced, you can always expect a large number of knockoffs to surface. There are countless brands of fake AirPods available, and it might be difficult to tell the difference at first glance.

If you want to check if your AirPods are genuine Apple products, there are a few methods you can use. This may differ greatly depending on the model of AirPods, but utilising our advice on how to detect if airpods are fake, you should be able to identify if yours are real or not.

How Quickly Do AirPods Charge?

Check For The Serial Number

Ask Apple if you’re unsure; it’s the only surefire strategy. You may use a few techniques to tell if your AirPods are phoney simply by looking at them.

On an Apple website, customers may determine whether their products are still under warranty. Naturally, this is fantastic for confirming the authenticity of things, but it also has the added benefit of warning you when fake goods are being used. You only need your AirPods serial number to use this approach.

Apple can track specific inventory items by using serial numbers. Apple also uses serial numbers to track down problematic batches. Consumers may confirm that a product’s serial number demonstrates that Apple, and no other company, manufactured it.

Your AirPods’ serial number can be found in the following place:

Bluetooth Settings

If you are using iOS, you may find the serial number by pressing the More Info button on your AirPods.

AirPods Case

They will both have the same serial number if you are using original AirPods or AirPods Pro cases. Under the flip-open lid, look for it.

Ear Cushion for AirPods Max

Take off the left ear cushion from AirPods Max. Underneath, near the speaker holes, next to the Apple logo, is where you’ll find the serial number.


The serial number may be located on the barcode on the back of the box if the one you have for your AirPods is authentic. Make sure it matches the serial number that is printed on the interior of the charging case’s lid.

On the Verify Coverage website, input the serial number for your AirPods in the field at the top, solve the CAPTCHA, and then click Proceed.

You will be able to tell if the AirPods are unquestionably genuine if you get on a website that questions the date of purchase or lists the possible warranty options. If you see an error message stating that Apple was unable to confirm coverage for this serial number, they are almost probably bogus.

How Quickly Do AirPods Charge?

Try To Pair Them

You can tell if the AirPods are phoney by carrying out an action that only authentic AirPods can carry out.

A window shows on the screen once you have connected your AirPods to your devices. When you open AirPods that have already been linked with these devices, the same thing occurs. The W1 chip, a communications chip Apple created especially for the AirPods, is necessary for that feature.

Real AirPods are the only ones that support the feature.

It is quite improbable that counterfeit AirPods could replicate this feature. Hence, follow these instructions to use this method to spot phoney AirPods:



Verify the AirPods’ battery life.



Hold an iPad or iPhone that has Bluetooth turned on close to the AirPods. and the AirPods case (while leaving the earbuds in the case).



In the event that the AirPods are already plugged into this device, the battery screen will appear. This demonstrates the authenticity of your AirPods.

Packaging, Manufacturing, and Quality

How Quickly Do AirPods Charge?


Although there are various methods you may use, the simplest way to spot fake AirPods is to look at the serial number and AirPods-only features. The approaches mentioned above are advised because these ones will require some speculation.

Wireless Charging Case

The price of Apple goods is high. At the beginning of the selling cycle, regular AirPods were $159, while AirPods Pro were $249. If you bought much less than that, say $50 for AirPods Pro, they might not be genuine.

Build Quality

The charging case that comes with the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro supports Qi wireless charging. It seems doubtful that copies of this pricey feature would exist. To check if it helps, place your AirPods case on a Qi charging mat. If it doesn’t get any electricity, it might be a fake.


Apple’s goods are known for their high calibre. White products, like AirPods, should have a beautiful, clear white colour, and the ports and connectors shouldn’t have any plastic seams visible. If your AirPods look to be of poorer quality, if any of the parts are loose, or if the colour isn’t perfect, you might be using a fake pair.


High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of Apple goods, including their packaging. The boxes fit precisely, the printing is of good quality, and the sticker positioning is flawless. Your AirPods may be phoney if they don’t meet Apple’s exacting requirements for quality assurance.

The simplest way to avoid buying a fake set of AirPods is to buy them from an official Apple Store, Apple’s official Amazon site, a reliable dealer, or a trusted friend. Nonetheless, it can be enticing to buy the reasonably priced AirPods from Amazon. There is always the possibility that these independent retailers are only requesting high amounts for counterfeit AirPods.

The Apple Refurbished store, reliable websites or resellers, or both, are the best places to buy the originals for less money. Of course, eBay is a great place to look for secondhand AirPods at unbeatable pricing.

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