How to Skip Songs on Spotify Without Premium?

Our civilization is steadily heading toward excessive entertainment, which is the killer of development and creativity. These days, social media sites, video games, and streaming websites are all the rage. And although it’s acceptable for stressed-out, overworked adults to indulge in these pleasures, it just doesn’t make sense for children and teenagers. Not whether children and teenagers deserve it, but rather whether that is how they should be spending their time. Instead of consuming useless stuff, their learning period should be focused on much more cognitively and mentally demanding activities.

skip songs on spotify without premium

Online games that are tough psychologically, for instance, can aid children in coming up with novel solutions. There are countless books on self-improvement and applied discipline. Entertainment is the worst thing to use up all your vigor, curiosity, and leisure on.

We’ll talk about how to skip tracks on Spotify without the Premium version in today’s blog.

How to Skip Songs on Spotify Without Premium?

Can you skip tracks on Spotify without a Premium subscription? Just to be clear, you can skip tracks even if you don’t have Premium. However, a free user is limited to six skips every hour, with some exceptions. The only technically possible way to enable infinite skips is to purchase the Premium edition.

On Spotify Music, there isn’t really a way for you to skip songs. There are a few things you can do that could just work for you, but we won’t dangle you out to dry.

Let’s start by going over the six skips per hour exclusions.

If you use Spotify’s free edition, we can appreciate how challenging it may be to stream music when you’re in the mood. We can assist you with one thing, though, and that is the no-skipping-songs rule.

You are therefore already aware that you are only permitted six skips every hour. However, some playlists are exempt from these restrictions. Consider all of Spotify’s personalized playlists as an example. You can skip Repeat Rewind, Made for You, and every other Spotify mix as many times as you like.

But what if you want to listen to music that aren’t on those playlists? There are a few options available to you, though:

Use Spotify on PC.

Yes, you heard correctly. Neither PCs nor laptops, but only cellphones support the six skips each hour. Simply sign into your account on your computer and skip as many tracks as you want.

Download your favorite songs locally.

Even if this is some unofficial advice, downloading all of your tunes locally is the best option you have. Although it may take a while, it’s only a one-time investment because you now have offline access to all of your favorite tunes!

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