How to Share Wifi Password on Android /PC? A Step-to-Step Guide in 2023!

What if we told you that sharing your Wi-Fi password with others is simple and doesn’t even require you to remember the password yourself? This post will show you how to do it on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Android device. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to look for your wireless key in Windows. Continue reading!

Sharing Wi-Fi on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords between Apple devices is a breeze, so long as both users have each other’s email addresses saved in their Contacts. You should also make sure that the most recent versions of iOS/iPadOS and macOS High Sierra are installed on both devices.

  • Connect your gadgets wirelessly by turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (personal hotspot off). You’ll need to have the two gadgets close by, within range of the same Wi-Fi network, and unlocked to share an internet connection.
  • You can share your Wi-Fi connection by asking the other person to switch to the network you want to use.
  • A prompt will display on your smartphone, asking if you want to reveal the Wi-Fi password.
  • To complete, select “Share Password.”

Sharing Wi-Fi on an Android Device

how to share wifi password

Sharing your Wi-Fi password through a QR code is possible on Android 10 and newer devices.

Please be aware that the below methods may require some tweaking to work with your specific device and Android version.

  • Join the network you intend to broadcast from on your device.
  • To use Wi-Fi, launch the settings app and navigate to Network and Internet (or Connections).
  • Choose the Wi-Fi network by tapping the cogwheel symbol.
  • Read the QR Code by Tapping It (or the share icon). The screen will display a QR code.
  • To join the same Wi-Fi network as another user, you can simply ask them to scan a QR code.

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Finding Your Wi-Fi Password on Windows

how to share wifi password

Windows doesn’t have any built-in support for sharing your wireless connection, but it’s simple to locate the network’s security key.

  1. Network & Internet > Sharing Center can be found in the Control Panel. Choose the wireless network you are currently using by tapping on it.
  2. Choose Wireless Properties.
  3. To view the Network security key, head to the Security menu and toggle on “Display characters” (password).

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