How to Set Chrome Flags (2023)

Like Safari on the iPhone, Google Chrome is the browser that users of Android and Windows use the most. You must continually keep an eye on the new features they incorporate because there are always more features to discover with each update that takes place. The most experimental features in this instance are the Google Chrome Flags. These features are included in the browser’s final version, which we all have, rather than the browser’s beta stage, where a different independent application is created. In conclusion, these are solutions that, if implemented, can be very helpful, but a number of factors must be considered. We’ll go into detail about setting Chrome flags in this post.

Google Chrome: How to Set Flags (2023)

how to set chrome flags

On Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac operating systems, setting Chrome flags is simple because the procedures are the same across all platforms. As was already noted, these are test features that, if activated, would be completely integrated into the browser and are available to all users. In theory, they are there so that anyone can test it out without having to sign up for a development program or download a third-party application.

How to Enable or Disable Chrome Flags

  • First, launch the Google Chrome browser on your Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, or Chromebook.
  • In the address bar or URL area, copy and paste this command to enable flags in Chrome: chrome://flags/
  • On the next page, you will come across a huge list of every Chrome flag.
  • Just click on any one of the Flags from the list and use the drop-down menu and click on Enabled to turn on Flags.
  • If you want to disable flags from the list, tap the drop-down menu again and select the Disabled
  • That s it, in this way, you can enable or disable Flags.

That is all there is to know about setting Chrome Flags. Visit our other articles only at for more Google Chrome tips and tricks:How to Unblock Pop-Ups on Mac Ventura and How to Delete Autofill Data in Google Chrome.

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