How To Report Someone On Discord

Discord is a platform that promotes amazing collaboration, the development of relationships, and the opportunity for people to get together and investigate a shared objective. Most of the time, it is seen as a secure, encouraging environment that provides users with a lot of advantages.

Regrettably, there will always be others who want to undermine positive developments and sow discord and strife.

Hence, learning how to report someone on Discord is crucial for keeping both you and other users safe. This is a quick and easy process that will let you use the platform’s advantages without any problems.


Reporting Someone Using Mobile

It’s fairly simple to report someone on Discord using the mobile app, which is frequently the method of choice for many users.



Taking Someone Off Discord’s List

You can use this approach to report someone on Discord by going to their profile and clicking the red “Report” button next to their name.



Choose A Category

Choose a category for the report based on the justification for your choice. By opening the server in question, swiping left, and then tapping the three-dot icon, you may also report the entire server. If you want to report the entire server, then choose the Report Server option.



filing a complaint

Once you have finished the aforementioned procedure, you are finished doing your part; the admin staff will handle the remaining tasks. However, Discord also advises that each complaint be followed by a complete ticket, as this enables you to provide more information and specifics about the problem that has been impacting you.

On your laptop, desktop, or mobile device, you can submit a complete report using a web form, albeit the latter two are more user-friendly.



Report Creator

The Report Builder is a brand-new functionality that programmers can create using the Discord API. This enables users to use the Discord API to submit unique reports.

Reports can be generated using the Report Builder and the Discord API, but they can also be manually sent. Developers must enable developer mode in Discord in order to use the Report Builder.

Choose the gear icon in the bottom right corner of Discord’s UI, choose Advanced from the left sidebar, then turn on the Developer Mode slider to open the Report Builder. You can use the Report Builder to build a report when developer mode has been activated. There are a maximum of 100 elements in a report.

Things need to be copied from servers, users, or messages in Discord. For instance, you could copy the user ID from the user’s profile page if you were making a report about that particular individual.


Reporting Someone Using Desktop

A desktop is typically the more convenient choice for accessing the webform when generating an extended ticket to provide more details about your report.

Discord’s desktop programmes, unlike the app, do not automatically include a report option built-in; instead, you must utilise the website to make a report.



Make a Request

Click the question mark in the top right corner of your Discord web app. It will direct you to a website.

You can input your email address in the box that appears when you click the Submit a Request link in the top right corner of Choose Report from the dropdown menu after choosing Trust & Safety. Choose the justification for reporting the user in the next section.

Next, click on How can we help? choose the type of problem you’re experiencing. Lastly, choose Chat or Send as an attachment (preferred).

What Can I Report?

Users will have the option to report spam, cyberbullying, and any other problems that may be detracting from their Discord experience. The following are a few of the most typical reasons for reporting other users:

  • Abuse or hate speech
  • Cyberbullying
  • Harassment or spamming from other users
  • Spam content
  • Sharing of explicit content
  • Hacks
  • Malware and viruses
  • Promotion of self-harm or suicide ideation
  • Underage users
  • Previously banned accounts
  • Violence
  • Extremism
  • Fraud
  • Animal cruelty
  • Posts and issues which cause a concern
  • Violating the Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines

What Options Do I Have Apart From Reporting?

By right-clicking on their names and selecting block, you can block users. They won’t be able to message you directly or view your posts on the server as a result of this. Mods on servers are available to assist in solving issues. On the right side, at the top of the user list, are the mods. If there is a problem with a server, speak with a mod.

Final Thoughts

Reporting inappropriate behaviour is crucial to maintaining the safety and comfort of the servers for all users as well as the safety and happiness of everyone using Discord.

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