How to Recover Deleted Teams Messages

When they shouldn’t, people frequently accidentally erase their social media messages and try to recover them. If you accidentally removed critical messages from your job, it won’t be simple for you. We now know that people have accidentally deleted communications from Microsoft Teams on many occasions, which has ultimately resulted in their loss. Although recovering those messages directly is not possible, there are still methods that need to be made widely known. This article is specifically for you if you have become a victim of this circumstance.

Where did the messages go? is the most frequent query that follows the deletion of a Teams communication. Has it been eliminated forever? Or was it kept in a different location? Is it recoverable, which is more important? Indeed, it is. By following particular instructions, you can recover Teams communications. Who knows how? Continue reading to learn more!

How to Recover Deleted Teams Messages

Although it is not feasible to directly recover deleted messages from Teams, as was described in the second paragraph, there are various indirect methods available. The administrator can retrieve those deleted chats from the Compliance Center through eDiscovery Search only if you have a compliance retention policy in place or any legal holds in place for Microsoft Teams messages.

There is no way to bring them back if the compliance system hasn’t been activated yet.

However, if you have enabled it, follow these instructions:

As a member of Microsoft Teams, you undoubtedly have a Microsoft account. Next, go to the Microsoft compliance center and select Content Search.

Step 2: Information about you, such as the date, type, sender name, location, email ID, etc., will be filtered as part of this procedure.

Step 3: After that, you must choose Instant Messages. It’s time to export the results now that you’ve provided all the required information and selected the message’s destination location.

Step 4: Choose the appropriate choice from the menu, i.e., how do you want to export the messages, given that you currently need to export the deleted messages.

Step 5: After clicking Export, a new tab will open where you must copy the Export Key.

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