How To Print Address Labels From Excel

Using the mail merge function in Microsoft Word, it is possible to print address labels from Microsoft Spreadsheet. You can quickly and easily print address labels by following the helpful instructions in the guide below.


How To Print Address Labels From Excel

The instructions for printing address labels from Excel are listed below.



Making Your Microsoft Excel Worksheet

You must first fill out your Excel Worksheet with the address information. You must first establish columns for each piece of address information in order to accomplish this.

Before the crucial distinct columns for first name and last name, you might want a Title column (Mr, Mrs, etc.). Following those specifics, you’ll need the address itself, along with columns for the person’s ZIP Code, city, state, and street address.

Click on the first cell of each column to start it, then type the aforementioned headings there.

Next, enter the addresses for the labels you’re creating in the cells beneath each heading. Fill in every field for each individual case by moving across each row and column. Put the next person you add in the row below the previous one.

Save the Worksheet once you’ve completed all the addresses you want. Before continuing, double-check each detail. You don’t want your addresses to be wrong and your packages to get lost in the mail.



Establishing Labels In Microsoft Word

Once you’ve saved your Worksheet, it’s time to launch Microsoft Word and choose the styles and dimensions of your labels.

Open a new Word document first. Choose the Mailings option at the top of the screen, which is about halfway down the row. Choose the Start mail merge box from the list of options that appears below. Choose Labels from the drop-down menu that appears.

A window for Label Choices will appear as a result. By selecting a brand from the Label suppliers drop-down menu and the Product number below, you can choose a brand from here (which you can get from the label package).

As an alternative, you can choose to build your own label from scratch using the Create Label button at the bottom. Hit OK when you are finished.



Connecting Your Worksheet To Your Labels

You must now link your newly created Word document to your previously created Worksheet.

First, open Word and click File in the upper right corner. Choose Options from the side panel that appears.

A new window will appear as a result. Scroll to the General section on the right after selecting Advanced. Check to see if the box labelled “Confirm file format conversion on open” is checked. Click OK .

Choose Recipients after clicking Mailings at the top. Go to the drop-down menu and choose Use an Existing List.

Choose your previous Excel Worksheet from the list of alternatives. Choose the table containing your list, then click OK once again.



Mail Merge

Finally, select Mailings after clicking on your first label. Choose Address Block there. Locate the “Match Fields” button in the bottom right corner, check that your headers are in the proper positions, and then click “OK” twice.

Look under Mailings for Update Labels. Click Complete & Merge to the right of the Mailings options once the documents have been combined. After you select All and click OK, a new document will open.

Final Thoughts

By carefully following our instructions, you’ll be able to use Word’s mail merge tool to quickly print address labels from Excel.

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