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This message can be very irritating, and since it prevents Snapchat from accessing and using the camera, you can’t use Snapchat until you grant it permission. A pop-up notification letting you know that Snapchat is a camera app will appear. You must enable camera access in settings in order to continue.

When you click Open Settings to access the settings app, there isn’t a camera option, and you can’t turn on the camera to give Snapchat access to it.

Try each of the suggestions listed below, and you should be able to eliminate the oops. A camera app message is Snapchat.

Why Can t I Allow Snapchat to Access Camera?

If you are unable to grant Snapchat access to your camera, then there is a problem with the app that prevents you from granting the app access to your camera.

To take snaps and send them to your friends, Snapchat needs access to your camera. Since taking pictures is kind of the main function of the app, it is pretty useless if you can’t do it.

You might have already granted the app access to your camera, but you’re still noticing the error. As you’ve already tried to grant Snapchat access, it may seem like there isn’t much more you can do, which is frustrating.

1. There s A Bug

Snapchat asks for permission to use your camera, but you can’t. Oops Because of a flaw in the system, Snapchat is a camera app. Even though you have already granted it access to the camera, it still requests access when there is a system failure.

This implies that aside from trying out a few troubleshooting techniques and waiting for the issue to resolve itself, there isn’t much you can do to repair the issue. App bugs occasionally occur and can result in unforeseen failures.

Hence, if you click settings and grant Snapchat access to your camera but still receive the Snapchat is a camera app issue, it’s likely just a problem or glitch that isn’t entirely within your control.

2. Low Storage

Low storage on your phone is the root reason of the system failure, thus you must make storage space available to clear the issue. You’ll notice allow Snapchat to access: Notifications, Background App Refresh, and Mobile Data when you select the open settings option.

Eliminating some storage might solve the problem if you want to get rid of the error. Even while the error doesn’t expressly state that you must clear your data, doing so can still get rid of it.

3. You Haven t Given Snapchat Access to Your Camera

If you haven’t given Snapchat permission to use your camera, it could also be the cause of the oops Snapchat is a Camera App notification.

You won’t be able to use Snapchat’s essential features if it is unable to access your camera.

Simply toggle a button in the Settings app to grant Snapchat access to your camera, and Snapchat will then be able to use your camera.

4. The App Is Out Of Date

This could be the cause of the issue if Snapchat is outdated. To prevent issues like the Snapchat is a camera app error, you must have an app that is current.

When an app is out of date, flaws and glitches are more noticeable, therefore updating the app will provide Snapchat access to your camera roll.

5. When You Might Be Asked to Give Snapchat Camera Access

You’re more likely to encounter this mistake if you’ve only recently started using Snapchat because it’s primarily displayed to new users. Most applications require you to provide them access to your camera before you can use them.

If you’ve just updated the app and logged in, you might also receive a message asking you to provide Snapchat access to your camera.

Last but not least, if you mistakenly deleted some data when fiddling with your phone’s settings (for example, by cleaning Snapchat’s cache and data), you’ll need to reinstall the app and start using it from scratch. This will result in a Oops! As soon as you log in, a camera app problem for Snapchat appears.

How to Allow Camera Access on Snapchat

You might not be able to grant Snapchat access to your camera or you might not even be aware of how to do so.


To determine whether the camera option is offered:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Snapchat at the bottom
  3. Check if the camera is an option under allow snapchat to access

Turn it on if it’s an option. If not, move on to the subsequent step.

To enable the Snapchat camera:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Click on Camera
  4. Toggle on Snapchat

When You Press on Privacy and Camera, Snapchat Doesn t Come Up?

If Snapchat doesn’t appear after going to Privacy and Camera, it’s because you haven’t given it access to your camera. You must navigate to Settings, select Snapchat, then turn on the camera. You can now choose Snapchat when you go to privacy and camera.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Apps or Applications and tap Snapchat.
  3. Tap on Snapchat
  4. Select Permissions. This will allow you to change your Snapchat camera settings and give it the right access.
  5. Toggle on the camera to give Snapchat access

Fix Can t Allow Snapchat to Access Camera

If Snapchat has access to your settings yet still claims to be a camera app, fix that immediately! If you don’t enable camera access in Snapchat’s settings, there will be a system failure that is brought on by your lack of available storage.

Resolving the Error In order for Snapchat to recognise that you have granted it access to your camera, you just need to fix the issue that is preventing it from doing so.

1. Remove the App Limit to Allow Snapchat to Access Camera

You are permitted to set app limitations on your iPhone, which will limit the amount of time you may spend using each app. If you have a Snapchat app limit, you can run into issues with Snapchat if you’ve over your daily app usage cap. Get rid of the app usage cap in order to fix the Snapchat is a Camera app bug.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time
  3. Select App Limits
  4. Find Snapchat and Camera
  5. Delete the App Limit for both your camera and Snapchat

2. Restart Snapchat

You must restart Snapchat if you haven’t done so already. Restarting Snapchat causes the page to reload, fixing any bugs that prevented Snapchat from accessing your camera in the first place.

You can attempt to provide Snapchat access to your camera once more after restarting the app. Go to the following step if this doesn’t work.

3. Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

Wait for Snapchat to release a fix if you observe that it is still unable to access your camera. If you grant Snapchat access but the problem persists, realise that this is a widespread issue that many users will be facing, so you should just wait for Snapchat to release a fix.

4. Turn Your Phone Off/On to Stop The Error From Showing

Turning off your smartphone is the first thing you can try to do to temporarily remove this message. By clearing the RAM when you turn your device off and back on, you temporarily increase the amount of storage it has.

Random access memory, or RAM, enables you to quickly load applications and other functions so you don’t have to wait for a long period.

This accumulates over time and can rob storage of significant amounts of space. Apps may operate more slowly when your smartphone first turns on, but your storage space has temporarily been decreased.

This procedure might or might not get rid of the Snapchat error message. If it is able to do so, the message might reappear; if so, return to this article. If it doesn’t, proceed on to the following step. In certain cases, this may permanently erase the warning.

5. Update Snapchat

The best thing you can do to attempt to solve this issue would be to upgrade Snapchat, as the main cause of it would be a bug.

To be able to eliminate a bug, an update would typically be released. Bug fixes are frequently mentioned in an update’s list of features. This update will resolve the bug that prevents you from granting Snapchat access to your camera.

6. Get Rid of Some Storage

You may occasionally experience a Snapchat error. If you don’t have adequate storage, Snapchat is a camera app. To fix this problem, some storage space must be made available.

If your device doesn’t have adequate storage, you’ll need to delete certain items in order to free up space. If your iPhone is nearly full, you’ll need to remove a lot of data to free up storage because many apps require a lot of extra space to function properly.

You must eliminate a lot of apps if you want to free up a lot of space rapidly. You can offload some apps if you’ve eliminated a lot of apps but still believe you need every programme on your device since they’re necessary.

Offloading an app removes its storage from your device while allowing you to keep it on your iPhone while deleting the app’s data and files.

Offloading an app:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Click on iPhone Storage.
  4. Scroll down and tap on Offload App.
  5. Tap on the app you want to offload and offload it.

You can prevent Snapchat from being unable to access your camera roll by expanding your storage.

7. Delete the Snapchat Cache and Restart Your Phone

You can delete a sizable amount of storage by wiping your Snapchat cache. Don’t worry, this will only delete the temporary files that are kept in Snapchat’s directory; it won’t delete any of your messages, chats, memories, or anything else.

Clearing Snapchat’s cache:

  1. Go to the Settings icon
  2. Under ACCOUNT ACTIONS, click Clear Cache
  3. Click on Clear All then Clear
  4. Close and open the app

Following this, you must restart your phone and exit the Snapchat app from the multitasking option.

This will ensure that your device correctly identified the deleted storage, enabling Snapchat to operate without error and erasing the Oops, Snapchat is a camera app! message. You must enable camera access in settings in order to continue.

You can now use Snapchat as usual with access to your camera.

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