How to Hide Participants in Google Meet

The pandemic made us question simple things in life that we relied on way too much. From being able to know exactly who we were talking with to making a quick midnight grocery run, it was all taken away. However, these are not the worst things to happen. People learned to recognize others even with their masks on. The midnight grocery shoppers turned responsible and/or grew health conscious. Clearly, these are only examples of things that shouldn t be that big of a problem, to begin with.

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But what was important that was taken away was our day-to-day, necessary interactions. From jobs to colleges, schools, and markets: it was all boarded up. Cafes, clubs, restaurants, and hotels were out of the question. It was the dream of true introverts and a never-ending nightmare for those who relied on socialization for their mental peace.

Today s blog will discuss how to hide participants on Google Meet. Let s learn about the technicalities involved in doing so and a few related topics.

How to Hide Participants in Google Meet?

To answer your question straightforwardly, it s not possible for an organizer to hide the participants on Google Meet.The app hasn t been designed to be used that way, as mentioned on its website.

Besides, don t you think users should know what they re getting into? If you were invited to an official meeting, won t you wish to know which people would be able to hear what you re saying?

If such a feature was available on the platform, users would be speaking out about it on Twitter in no time. So, regardless of whichever way one might twist it, it s a good thing that hiding participants is not a thing on Google Meet.

Use third-party extensions

If you need to hide the participants in a Google Meet call, then there might be some third-party extensions you could use. But we d largely advise against it because third-party extensions on the internet are not the most reliable tools. Moreover, what you re looking to gain is simply not worth the risk.

Other than that, you can also leave Google Meet altogether and host your meeting on Zoom. There, participants can join with any random name they want; none of their contact information is visible to other users.

The same can be done on Google Meet, except that one would have to join with an alternative Gmail account. This account should not hint towards their name or identity in any way.

But if you re wondering how you can hide the participants for yourself, then we understand. You see, the participants window can sometimes hide the content someone might be sharing. The good news is, you can hide that window!

Here s how to pin a presentation

Step 1:Since you ve already joined the meeting, click on the ellipsis icon on the screen s bottom.

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