How To Get Discord On Xbox Series X

Good news! You may now switch your Xbox speech channels to your Discord voice channels. It is quite simple to accomplish. We’ll walk you through each step in this manual so you can install Discord on your Xbox One Series X.

Connect with your gaming pals with the fantastic voice and chat tool Discord. An update this year allows you to access your Discord voice channels directly on Xbox. You may now simply call your teammates using Discord whether you are playing Fortnite with buddies or just need some company. We believe it is time to start discussing gameplans and strategy.

In November, Xbox released a new update that adds a whole new set of capabilities that will be fantastic for Discord users. Gamers will now have direct access to Discord channels on their console thanks to this upgrade. You can benefit from Discord’s noise suppression feature, which mutes any background noises like keyboard clicks.

All you have to do to obtain Discord on your Xbox Series X is adhere to the straightforward instructions we have provided below. Just in case, we have also included a brief video.


Use Discord with Xbox Series X

You may now talk with your pals over Discord voice channels on your console thanks to a recent upgrade from Discord. It also has some fantastic features. As you’re playing your game, you may adjust the volume of these chats and smoothly switch between Discord Voice and Xbox chat.

Let’s begin installing Discord on your Xbox.



Open Xbox Settings

Launching your Xbox Series X should be your first priority. Go to Settings once everything is up and running.

Go to the Account area of Settings, then Connected Social Accounts. You can link your Xbox to all the social apps listed below. Go to the Discord tab and select Link if you want to link Discord.



Sign in to Discord

The next step is to log into Discord. You may either continue on console or scan the QR code with your phone to go directly to the Discord website.

Whatever method you pick, you’ll need to sign in on your Xbox or phone using your Discord credentials as usual.

You will be prompted to give permission to link your account to Xbox after logging in. To proceed, click Authorize.

After then, Xbox could ask you to sign back into your account to confirm the procedure. Please use your account information to log in again as normal.



Transfer Discord channels to Xbox

Let’s use it now that your Discord and Xbox accounts are connected. Use the Discord app on your phone in order to join a voice channel on your Xbox.

Join the voice channel of your choice, then swipe up to access the options. Click this button to see the Transfer to Xbox option. You must choose Transfer Voice on the Xbox App after clicking this to get there.

On your console, the voice channel ought to now be operational. Unfortunately, you will have to use the app to change speech channels. On the other hand, you can use other Xbox features like disconnecting, switching to game chat, and muting your microphone.

For this phase, you’ll need the Xbox App and Discord!



Join a Discord channel directly from your Xbox Series X

Thanks to a new upgrade from back in November, you may access your speech channels using your mobile app or directly on your Xbox. Simply follow these simple instructions to join a call from your console.

Start your Xbox and select Parties & Chats. Go here and choose Discord. You should now be able to see all of your servers after this launches Discord. The only thing left to do is choose the server you want to join. With this update, you can now preview which buddies are on each server before choosing it, which is fantastic.


That wasn’t that difficult, was it? There are many advantages to installing Discord on your Xbox Series X, and with Xbox’s integration of the online chat service, playing Discord is now simpler than ever.

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