How to fix PS5 Controller Drift Issue (2023)

It is undoubtedly nothing new because Playstations typically have hardware issues with their first few versions. Thank goodness, Playstation 5’s are extremely rare and frequently insignificant. For instance, some PS5 fans appear to be a little louder than others. However, the well-known drifting issue with the PS5 Dualsense controller has alarmed a number of new consumers. Sony has acknowledged the existence of this flaw and has offered broad instructions to follow in an effort to fix the issue. So let’s look at this guide’s detailed instructions for fixing PS5 Dualsense Controller drift issues below.

Fix: PS5 Controller Drifting Issue (2023)

fix ps5 drift problems

You can try to individually resolve the PS5 Dualsense Controller drifting issues by using a variety of tips and tactics. Since these have been expressly supplied by Sony, you can proceed to do so without any worry.

1. Make sure your PS5 Dualsense controller is up-to-date

As previously stated, drifting is a hardware problem. A software update might also be able to fix it in some circumstances. Check to see if your Playstation’s operating system has been upgraded to the most recent version. Later, if the Dualsense receives a software update as well, the console will immediately alert you. All you need to do to do the anticipated update in a matter of seconds is connect the Dualsense controller to the console using the charging wire.

2. Reset PS5 Dualsense Controller

Take your Dualsense controller out of the Playstation 5 and place it in your hand. To the right of the Sony logo on the rear of it, there is a little hole. In this hole, place a pin or the tool you use to open the SIM tray on your smartphone. The Reset button is located at the bottom and must be held down for five seconds in order to reset the pad. Start the PS5 with the power button afterward, and then reattach the Dualsense to the console with the cord.

3. Restart the Bluetooth connection

Another quick tip explicitly offered by Sony is this one. A Bluetooth connectivity issue between the Dualsense controller and the PS5 console could be the root of drifting. Therefore, we suggest that you select the Dualsense controller under Settings > Accessories. By switching the Bluetooth connection on and off from here, you can instantly disengage and reconnect to the pad.

All there is to know about resolving PS5 Controller drift issues is what was just mentioned. Check out our other articles only on How to Fix the PS5 Overheating Issue and How to Connect AirPods to PS4 or PS5 if you’re seeking for more PlayStation 5 guides.

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