How To Find Wi-Fi Password On iPhone

You may occasionally want to connect to a network without repeatedly entering your Wi-Fi password. Fortunately, Apple has devised a method that enables us to connect to a Wi-Fi network without having to enter the passcode again.

The IEEE created the wireless local area network (LAN) standard known as Wi-Fi in the 1990s. With the help of this ground-breaking technology, we can access the internet nearly everywhere.

So, without having to look up the router’s code, how can we find the Wi-Fi password on an iPhone? Now, we know.


Find Network Name And Password Using iOS 12 And Higher

Although some users still use older upgrades up to iOS 12, the majority of iPhones are currently running iOS 15.

If you’re using one of these programmes, follow these steps to find the password. You might need to update your phone first to get this function if you are still using iOS 11 or earlier.

To locate your iPhone’s Wi-Fi password, use the methods below.



Launch Settings

Open the Settings app, then select the Wireless & Networks tab. The Wi-Fi name to which you are now connected should appear.

You ought to want the password for this one as well. To access a new menu, click the Wi-Fi.



Toggle and Hold

On this menu, click and hold the number next to the term “Router.” Copy should appear in a pop-up window. Copy this number to your clipboard so you can paste it in another place.



Browse Bar

Now launch either Safari or Google Chrome on your phone.

When the pop-up appears, click the search bar and then press paste. Paste the router’s number into the search field at this point. Click “Go.”



Password and Username

You should now be sent to a website that has details about your router.

Be aware that the page may ask for your router’s name and password before displaying your password details.

That’s it; the password for your Wi-Fi network should now be visible. Anyone who wishes to connect to your Wi-Fi without typing a long password in can copy this code and give it to you.


Find Wi-Fi Password On Mac

Compared to iPhones, Mac computers make it easy to find your Wi-Fi password because you don’t have to open your browser. If you wish to find your password on a Mac instead of an iPhone, follow these steps.



Access to a keychain

Verify that keychain access is enabled on both your iPhone and Mac.

On an iPhone, turn on Keychain by going to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud. Turn on Keychain for Mac by going to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud.




Go to your Mac’s search option in the upper right corner now that keychain access is enabled for both devices. Go to this setting after searching for Keychain Access.



search term

Find the name of your Wi-Fi network. You can locate the password here if it has been set up in your keychain.

Enter your password to reveal the Wi-Fi password because you’ll need it to enter the network.

You may now copy this by selecting it, performing a right-click, and then selecting Copy. Anyone attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network should paste it.


We sincerely hope that our essay today was informative for you. As you can see, finding your Wi-Fi password on various Apple devices is fairly simple.

This approach is still more complicated than Windows’ approach, which requires just a single click to reveal the password for the Wi-Fi connection.

Apple has nevertheless discovered a few techniques that make passwords relatively simple to remember and locate. The Keychain has several uses that are quite advantageous.

If you are worried about security on some networks, keep in mind that you should always verify these settings on your device.

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