How to Find Phone Number from Vehicle Number

The most crucial piece of identification for each car is its registration number. The vehicle number not only distinguishes a car from all other vehicles on the planet, but it also includes owner information. This one alphanumeric code by itself can provide a wealth of information about the car and its owner. In recent years, using the car number alone to retrieve other bits of information has been rather simple. However, very few individuals are aware of the precise information that the vehicle number might offer.

 find phone number from vehicle number

You’ve come to the right blog if you’re looking for information on how to determine the name and phone number of a vehicle owner from the vehicle number. We’ll explain in detail what details you may obtain from a car number and how to do it. That sounds intriguing. Go on reading.

How to Find Phone Number from Vehicle Number?

As was already said, the vehicle number can provide access to a wealth of crucial details about the car and its owner. Furthermore, finding this information on any vehicle—even ones that don’t belong to you—is simple.

The amount of information that may be accessed using this number is restricted. You can’t expect to learn important information about anyone by just dialing a number that is clearly displayed on the road; after all, there are such things as security and privacy.

To put it another way, you can’t determine someone’s phone number from their license plate. The vehicle number can reveal information such as the name of the driver, the make and model of the car, among other things (we’ll discuss these details later). It cannot, however, divulge private information like a phone number or address.

Despite this, a car’s number plate can nevertheless provide a wealth of information. So let’s discuss how you can research these facts online.

How to find vehicle and owner details using vehicle number?

Many trustworthy web portals that can retrieve this information for you have made it very simple to learn more about a vehicle and its owner. We will discuss two web resources that can give you important details about a car and its owner in the sections that follow:

Parivahan Sewa Portal

The Parivahan site, a government-owned site offering car-related services, is one of the most dependable internet resources for obtaining vehicle details using vehicle numbers. This platform can give you information about a car. The information you can anticipate finding on this portal is as follows:

1.Type of Vehicle

Model name 2.

Brand name 3.

4. Registration location

5.Owner name, however it is partially obscured and cannot be read.

6. Date of registration

7. Validity of the fit

8.PUCC credibility

9. Insurance information

As you can see, using this site will not yield the owner’s phone number. However, a number of additional crucial facts are accessible and readily available. Just adhere to these few easy instructions:

First step: Launch your browser and click this link.

If the aforementioned link is inoperative, visit the Parivahan Sewa Portal at and select the Informational Services tab in the top panel. Then click on the Know Your Vehicle Details option.

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