How to Find Phone Number from Vehicle Number

The vehicle registration number is the most important identifying information of any vehicle. Besides distinguishing a vehicle from all other vehicles worldwide, the vehicle number also contains information about the owner. This single alphanumeric code alone can reveal many details about the vehicle and the owner. Of late, it has become fairly easy to find several pieces of information just with the help of the vehicle number. However, only a few people know exactly what information the vehicle number can provide.

 find phone number from vehicle number

If you want to know how to find a vehicle owner s contact details, like name and phone number, from the vehicle number, you are reading the right blog. We will tell you exactly what information you can expect from a vehicle number and how to get that information. Sounds interesting? Keep reading.

How to Find Phone Number from Vehicle Number?

As discussed above, the vehicle number can open the doors to a lot of essential information about the vehicle and its owner. What s more, it s easily possible to find this information about any vehicle- even the ones that don t belong to you.

However, there is a limit on how much information can access using this number. After all, there are things calledsecurityandprivacy, and you can t expect to get sensitive information about anyone just through a number that is openly visible on the road.

In other words, you can t find someone s phone number from their vehicle number. The vehicle number can provide details like the person s name, vehicle model, and several other details (we will get to these details in a while). However, it cannot reveal confidential details, such as phone number and address.

With that said, you can still obtain a lot of information from a vehicle s number plate. So, let s talk about how you can find out these details online.

How to find vehicle and owner details using vehicle number?

Finding out information about a vehicle and its owner has become very easy, thanks to several reliable online portals that can fetch these details for you. In the following sections, we will talk about two online platforms that can provide you with several key pieces of information about a vehicle and its owner:

Parivahan Sewa Portal

One of the most trusted online portals to get vehicle details using vehicle numbers is theParivahan Portal, a government-owned portal providing vehicle-related services. This platform can provide you with details about a vehicle. Here are the details you can expect to get on this portal:

1.Vehicle Type

2.Model name

3.Brand name

4.Place of registration

5.Owner name (but it is partially masked and, therefore, not readable)

6.Registration date

7.Fitness validity

8.PUCC validity

9.Insurance details

As you can see, you cannot find the owner s phone number through this portal. Still, several other essential details are available, and accessing them is easy. You just need to follow some simple steps:

Step 1:Open your browser and go tothis link.

If the above link doesn t work, go to the Parivahan Sewa Portal ( and click on theInformational Servicesbutton at the top panel. Then, select the optionKnow your Vehicle Details.

Step 2:You must log into the portal to search for a vehicle number. If you don t have an account, click onCreate accountand enter your phone number and email address and tap onGenerateOTP. Enter the OTP and set a password to finish the account creation process.

Step 3:Once you ve created your account, you will be redirected again to the login page. Enter your mobile number and click onNext. Enter your password and click onContinueto log in.

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