How To Enable Push-To-Talk On Discord

Many Snapchat users have this question, therefore if you want to know what happens to messages and chats when you remove and ban individuals, you should carefully read this post.

Often happens that when using Snapchat, you send a message that you later regret, and you search for a means to delete it. Next you make every effort to delete the message you sent to that person by taking the simplest actions.


Enabling Push-to-Talk on Discord

Sadly, Snapchat doesn’t operate the way you might expect it to, and you need to be aware of a lot of information regarding the deletion of unread messages.


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The messages will still be gone when you unblock someone after blocking them on Snapchat. The conversation will end if you message them again, though.

When you block someone on Snapchat, they are no longer able to read your messages. As soon as you block someone, their Snapchat will destroy your user profile and discussion, and they won’t be able to read your messages.

When you unblock them, they’ll be able to see your communications. Also, blocking someone prevents you from sending them messages, so any communications you may have sent them before to blocking them will be deleted as soon as you block them.


Enable Push-to-Talk

When you send a Snapchat message to a friend, the message is first saved on Snapchat’s server before being delivered to the intended recipient.

If you send a message on Snapchat by accident, Snapchat will keep it and have access to it. The recipient now has a copy of the Snapchat message you sent them that is saved on the server when they receive the message you sent to them.

There are some activities you may take on Snapchat that will cause messages to be erased or hidden from the recipient, but Snapchat doesn’t make this process simple.

When you block someone on Snapchat, the messages don’t disappear; if you were to unlock them, they would still be there for the person to see. Even if you decide to unblock the person later, they won’t be able to read your chats because Snapchat does automatically remove messages and snaps if they aren’t opened for a long period of time.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to block someone after they have saved one of your Snapchat messages, the person will still be able to see the message they saved.

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