How to Download LinkedIn Profile Picture Full Size (LinkedIn Profile Picture Downloader)

Viewer for LinkedIn profile photos:The world in which we currently live is highly interconnected. The globe has become a small, interconnected community thanks to the internet and social media. Our social relationships today go beyond the immediate relatives, friends, and other contacts we have in common.

download your linkedin profile picture in full size

We have buddies online that we have never met in person. We have acquaintances from countries we have never visited. We are acquainted with folks who work in completely unrelated fields. All we have to do is create a social media account and fill it out with our name, phone number, and profile picture.

Our profile picture adds a touch of individuality and authenticity to our online persona. For others who have never seen or encountered us, it acts as our identity. When viewing a stranger’s profile on any social networking site, we search for an authentic profile photo.

You might occasionally want to download the profile picture you previously added to one of your accounts. You might wish to save it to your phone or upload it to another platform. But there’s a problem. Most platforms’ downloads of photographs result in a size and quality reduction. You wouldn’t want that, wouldn’t you?

We will discuss LinkedIn profile photos in this blog. We’ll examine whether and how to download a full-size LinkedIn profile photo.

Find out by reading on.

How to Download LinkedIn Profile Picture Full Size

1. LinkedIn Profile Picture Downloader by iStaunch

You may see and download full-sized LinkedIn profile pictures with the free web application LinkedIn Profile Picture Downloader by iStaunch. Copy the profile URL, then paste it in the appropriate field. When you tap the Submit button, the LinkedIn DP will appear in its entirety. By selecting the download button, you can also save it to your phone.

LinkedIn Profile Picture Downloader

2. Inspect Element Method

This one is a little more complex. We’re referring to Chrome’s Inspect feature. Even though it is primarily intended for experienced coders, we non-developers can really benefit from this feature. Chrome’s “Inspect” function allows you to access comprehensive information about any object on the webpage. Additionally, you can download your uncropped image using this option.

Step 1: Launch your desktop browser and sign into your LinkedIn account at

Step 2: To access your LinkedIn profile page, click on your name or profile photo on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Click on Your Profile Photo once again on the Profile Page. By doing this, a pop-up box displaying your profile photo in larger form will appear.

Step 4: In the bottom-left corner of the Profile Photobox, click the Edit button. The Edit Photobox will open as a result.

5. Right-click anywhere on the original image. Select the last option, “Inspect,” from the floating menu.

Step 6: First of all, don’t be overwhelmed by the interface’s complexity. The only thing you will see are source codes.

You can see a section of the code highlighted in blue under theElementtab. The image you right-clicked on has its source code marked in this area. But since we already got this image via the first technique, this isn’t the part you want to look at.

There is anotherimgtag just a little below the highlighted portion. Img class= photo-cropper_original-image_hidden will be something like that.

Find thesrcattribute within this tag. The link to the uncropped, high-resolution Profile Photo is in the srcattribute’s value. Select the value contained therein, then copy the entire address.

Open a new tab, then paste the copied address into the address box. The picture will open.

Step 8: Right-click the image and choose “Save As” from the menu. To save the image, select a place and then click Save.

There it is. After that, your photograph will be saved.

3. Right Click Method

Why are we telling you something you already know, you might be questioning. Of course, you’ve probably already tried right-clicking and saving your profile photo. But you don’t want that picture, right? We are already aware of it. Additionally, this approach differs slightly from the one you are familiar with.

So let’s get started straight away.

Start by performing Steps 1-4 from the preceding section. then take the following actions:

Step 5: A circle cropping element with gridlines will appear next to your uncropped photo. Anywhere on this image, use the right mouse button to pick “Save Image As” from the menu that pops up.

Step 6: Click Save after choosing the location where you wish to save your snapshot.

The location you chose will be where your entire, uncropped, high-resolution profile photo is saved.

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