How to Divert Calls and Messages to Another Number

This call is being forwarded to another number! Well, according to our best guess, you must have received this greeting at least a few times while calling someone. You might be wondering where your calls and texts are truly arriving after reading this. But at least it is clear that the number you originally dialed is no longer taking the call.

divert calls and messages to another number

There are many causes for why individuals select this course of action. However, the question of the hour is, How to divert calls and messages to another number.

Please know that changing the route of calls and texts is not a tough process. Pay close attention to the methods we have listed for you below.

How to Divert Calls and Messages to Another Number

Having a smartphone in the present day and age is common! We are certain you know the option to redirect incoming calls and texts to a secondary number.

Users typically select this feature when they are traveling, and their main phone number won t be useful. Therefore, they want the secondary number to go active to escape paying extra roaming fees for conversations and texts.

Please keep in mind that there isn t a common method for forwarding conversations and messages to a secondary phone number for all of us. Why do we say so?

Well, the procedures typically rely on the settings and mobile device type. We will inform you about a couple of methods below, so check them out.

Call forwarding on Android and iPhone

We will talk about call forwarding on Android and iPhone individually in the sections that follow.

Method 1: Call forwarding for Android users

Do you own an Android phone and wish to enable the auto-call forwarding option? Well, we will begin with the basic setting that can help you out. So, owners of Android devices should adhere to the instructions below to activate call forwarding in their devices.

Steps to set call forwarding for Android phones

Step 1:Open thePhoneon your device.

Step 2:Thesettingsicon is present at the top right corner of the page. Please click on it to proceed.

Step 3:You will be whisked to thecall settingspage. Please tap on thecall-forwardingsettings.

Step 4:You will see two options on the screen:Voice and Video. Tap on thevoiceoption to begin.

Step 5:Upon doing so, you will see four options on the next page:

Always forward

When busy

When unanswered

When unreachable

Note that all these options are off! We will selectalways forwardfor now. So, please click on it and enter thesecondary numbernext.

Step 6:Click on theturn onoption.

Return to the call forwarding screen and select thevideooption. You need to follow the steps above to forward video calls to a backup number.

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