How To Change Discord Name

You may be familiar with Discord, but did you realise that it includes a function that lets you modify your username?

Discord is a free messaging app that gamers frequently use to communicate with big groups of people online. Formerly used mostly by gamers, it is now also popular amongst work groups, sports fans, and other groups.

You’re in luck if you wish to change your username for some reason, possibly because the one you chose 10 years ago was embarrassing. It couldn’t be simpler to change your name, and we’re going to walk you through the process right now.


Changing Your Discord Username

You must first find the user settings option in order to modify your Discord username. This is in the left-hand corner at the bottom of the page. Your icon and username should appear next to three widgets.

These gadgets consist of a setting crank, headphones, and a microphone. You can see that it says User Settings when you hover your cursor over the settings icon. You will be directed to your user settings when you click on this widget.

Now, from the list of tabs on the left side of your computer screen, select the My Account tab. It ought to open automatically and be the first tab.

You may edit your username by selecting the Edit option when you are on the My Account tab. Choose the username you wish to use for your new account and click Done. And that’s all for everyone! You can now choose the username you want to use.

The good news is that you may change your nickname as much as you’d want to avoid receiving amusing username-related comments, allowing you to join as many servers as you’d like.

Things To Bear In Mind When Changing Your Discord Username

The fact that usernames are not unique should be taken into account while changing them, as this will prevent you from seeing the dreaded Username Taken notice.

You can actually see how many other users share your username by looking at the # Number next to it when you alter it.

For instance, Boop has a username with 9904 other users.

Make sure that you are not altering your Discord name to someone else’s name in an effort to irritate them. Other times, you might choose to alter your username in order to annoy another person. Occasionally, it’s just a simple error.

It’s usually best if you don’t try to irritate the server moderators so you don’t get kicked off. Only when it’s an organised event where several individuals are all changing their names to the same thing is it amusing to steal someone else’s username.

Don’t merely use another person’s login to stir up trouble.


How To Change Your Nickname In A Discord Server

Although it may appear to be the same as changing your Discord username, changing your Nickname involves changing how people view your profile on a single server. As a result, others will still see your username as it originally was while using your name as a nickname.

Simply access the server where you wish to alter your nickname, then click the drop-down arrow in the top left corner of the screen to complete the process.

Then, under “Edit Server Profile,” click on “Change Nickname.” As you can see, while your initial username does not change, your nickname can.


In general, changing your login and nickname on Discord could not be simpler. Also, it won’t take long and you can tweak it as much as you want!

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