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Many individuals want to know if they can use Facebook as a visitor and see the profiles and sites without signing up for the social network. It will be helpful for both those who want to research information about various topics without registering and for those who want to see how their pages appear to casual visitors to review the Facebook pages without registering. I’ll describe how to search Facebook without a Facebook account in this article.

How To Search Facebook Without an Account

Using the Public menu provided by the social network itself is the first effective way to look for someone on Facebook without having an account. Here are the procedures.

Method 1: Using the Public Menu

  • First, if you are looking to search for a profile of a registered user using Facebook as a visitor, then type the following link in the address bar of the browser Then add after public/ the name and surname of the person of interest.
  • We suggest typing your first and last name separated by a hyphen, for example:
  • You will come across a series of Facebook profiles corresponding to as many registered people that will be shown. For every single profile listed, the URL of the profile page is indicated.
  • You can click on the user s name and get the information shared through their public profile. The information that might be displayed depends on the General Settings defined by the user in his/her Facebook privacy settings, as well as individual posts, albums, and photos.

Method 2: An Alternative Google Method

Using Google’s search engine is another quick approach to find someone on Facebook. That is actually very easy to use. Do the actions outlined below.

  • All you need to do is just type the name and username of the person to search for in the Google search bar, with the addition of the word Facebook.
  • Other than that, you can also access Facebook without an account and search for a person by going to the home page of Google search engine and then type the following name surname (for example type this on Google Dinesh Singh
  • By replacing the information useful to search for the person with the name and surname, Google will display a direct link to all relevant pages.
  • In addition to the name and surname of the person searched for on Facebook, it is possible to enter other data such as the presumed city of residence, employer, and/or date of birth, not forgetting to always type
  • This mode sometimes works better than the Facebook search field because it often helps you find the person you are looking for in the right away.

That is all there is to know about searching Facebook without logging in. While you’re here, you might also want to learn how to recover a Snapchat account or how to resolve the Failed to Obtain Video Data error in Facebook Messenger.

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