How to Get Google Snake Game with  Menu Mod? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

Even now, gamers like playing the classic snake game. This game can be played in a wide variety of forms. However, when it comes to unblocked snake games, we found that Google’s offering was far and away the best. When you first start playing, the game may seem easy.

Playing the game repeatedly will make you want more. A “Menu Mod” can be downloaded if you want instant access to all of the game’s options. Let’s have a look at the steps required to install the Google Snake Menu Mod.

The Following Are the Necessary Steps to Download Snake Menu Mod:

  • Download the Google Snake Menu Hack
  • Launch Chrome’s bookmarking interface.
  • Insert a Favorite for the Snake Menu Mod in Google
  • To access further menu options, please select “MoreMenu.html”
  • The Snake game must begin.
  • Launch “Further Options and Contents”
  • You can now access the full Snake mod library.

These Preceding Phases Have Been Elaborated upon As Follows:

google snake mods

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  • To begin, please visit this GitHub page.
  • Now save the “MoreMenu.html” file to your computer’s hard drive by clicking the “Save” button in your browser.
  • The default location for your downloads is “C: Users(your username)Downloads.”
  • You must reload this HTML page into your browser now.
  • To tweak Chrome to your liking, select “Customize and control”
  • The button with three horizontal dots at the top right corner
  • If you select it, a submenu will appear.
  • Now, put your cursor where it says “Bookmarks”
  • Select “Bookmark Manager” at this time.
  • The Bookmarks page will load in your browser.
  • Next, select “Organize” from the menu.
  • You’ll find it by clicking the second set of three vertical dots that appear below Chrome’s primary menu.
  • Click the “Import Bookmarks” button now.
  • You’ll get a brand new screen to work in.
  • Locate the “MoreMenu.html” file you saved to your computer, and click it.
  • To open the new window, select the “Open” button from the new window’s toolbar.
  • A new sub-folder labeled “Imported” has been added to your bookmarks bar.
  • Now, dismiss the bookmark management tab and start a new browser where you may search Google for “Snake Game.”
  • Google has finally updated its page to include the game.
  • Select “Play” to begin.
  • The second “Play” button won’t activate until you take the next necessary step.
  • Select the Chrome browser. (three vertical dot icons)
  • Select the “Bookmarks” tab.
  • Select “Imported”
  • In the menu, select “More Items.”
  • The Snake Game’s settings menu can now be accessed via the cog icon.
  • All of the game’s unlockables have been made available to you at this point.
  • There you have it; the complete Google Snake Menu Mod installation guide. If you’re seeking free unblocked games like Snake, be sure to check out our tips on how to use Roblox unblocked and the other best Unblocked Retro Bowl games list.

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