Does Deleting Discord Account Delete Messages?

Online environments can frequently be highly overwhelming. It has given us chances and choices that, just a few decades ago, were unimaginable to us. However, this plethora of information can also leave us feeling frustrated, confused, and distracted. Consider social media sites as an example. They allow us to socialize with a variety of individuals, expand our network, and pass the time productively.

does deleting discord account delete messages

They also cause needless diversions, an endless stream of notifications, and unwelcome messages from people you want to stay away from.

Therefore, we are aware of your desire to delete your Discord account. Discord may not be the perfect program for you, despite its wonderful features. Discord has not performed as you had hoped, for whatever reason. And cutting oneself off from the app permanently was probably the appropriate move.

But is closing your Discord account really sufficient? Does deleting your Discord account also destroy anything you ever wrote, said, or did there?

Keep reading this blog to learn what happens when you delete your Discord account. We’ll cover everything, including if you can recover a deleted Discord account as well as what happens to your messages and servers following account cancellation.

Does Deleting Discord Account Delete Messages?

If you have finally made the decision to deactivate your Discord account, you might assume that doing so will also erase all of your messages and conversations with other users.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when you really remove your Discord account. Even if you delete your Discord account, your communications remain intact.

Every piece of data associated with your Discord account that is deleted likewise disappears from Discord’s servers. Your name, username, user ID, profile avatar, and any other account information connected to your account are all included in this data. Messages, however, continue to be intact.

Any messages you send over a server or through direct messages remain unchanged. However, your name and photo won’t appear in your communications because your account has been erased. Your messages will therefore become anonymous.

Instead of your name, everybody who views your post will see something like Deleted User 123456. Additionally, there won’t be any profile photos.

Are anonymous messages enough?

You might find it annoying that Discord keeps your communications even after you log out. There is, after all, a concept known as the right to be forgotten. And it is obvious that the platform does not acknowledge that right.

Your identity is removed from your messages when you anonymize them. However, this does not guarantee that nobody will remember you. People who have communicated with you in the past and have been your friends on Discord are likely to remember you from those interactions.

In light of this, you may be asking if there is a method to remove all of your messages before uninstalling the app permanently. You can easily delete yourself off Discord’s surface once your messages are gone.

Alas! It isn’t that simple. You cannot remove all of your mails at once using any command or option. Here are some alternatives you can try if you absolutely want to remove your Discord messages:

Delete your DMs manually:

You must remove each individual DM from a Discord conversation one at a time if you want to remove them all. There isn’t another option. If you have only sometimes communicated on Discord, this strategy works well.

Nevertheless, deleting DMs one by one can be time-consuming and a bad choice if you have previously engaged in a lot of Discord talk. And it will take a very long time for you to remove every message.

Of course, you can also manually remove each mail on a server. However, finding and deleting your messages from each channel would take a lot more time.

Ask a mod to ban you:

There is one option that can assist you with getting your messages erased from a server without too much difficulty. You can request that a server moderator kick you off the platform and remove your communications.

Because moderators have the ability to erase the last 100 messages of individuals they ban, it will be simpler for them to delete your messages. Therefore, if a moderator agrees to your request to ban you and delete your communications, you can quickly get a large number of messages deleted!

Given that there is no other choice, it’s not a terrible idea.

Use bots to delete channel messages:

If you want to erase messages from the servers you own, bots may be your best option. There are numerous Discord bots that may be added to your servers to erase messages. Simply give the appropriate instruction, and the bot will take care of the rest.

For instance, the well-known bot MEE6 may assist you with a variety of activities, such as erasing your messages from your servers. To add the bot to your server, click this link and follow the instructions. Enter the following command after the bot has been added:!explicit @username

For the last 100 messages you’ve sent in the channel, replace username with your Discord username.

NOTE:Bots are limited to erasing messages from a server. They cannot be used to remove DMs. Additionally, they are only usable for your personal servers.

What happens to your servers once you delete your Discord account?

You will be kicked off all the servers you belong to if you delete your Discord account.

If you manage a server, you are unable to delete your account. Either remove the server or transfer ownership to a new owner first. You can successfully remove your account if you’ve completed one of these steps.

Can you recover a deleted Discord account?

The cancellation of an account is a lasting change. Once removed, a Discord account cannot be restored in any way.

However, Discord gives you 14 days to get your account back if you change your mind because of how serious the action is.

Use your desktop or browser to go the Discords website to retrieve your account within the next 14 days. Select the Login button after entering your login email and password.

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