How to Know Your Bvn Details Online with Ussd Code? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

This essay will teach you the fundamentals of verifying your BVN online, so continue on if you’re interested.

You’ve probably heard of BVN if you have a bank account. Since opening a bank account in Nigeria now requires a valid Bank Verification Number (BVN), here is why.

Checking your BVN information is as simple as entering a USSD code on your cell phone. Read on for more information.

What’s Bvn Number

code to check bvn

Bank Verification Number is an abbreviation for this term. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented this system of biometric identification in order to reduce the prevalence of financial fraud in the country.

The federal government of Nigeria, acting through the Ministry of Finance, has mandated that any NUBAN numbers not associated with a BVN be frozen.

Therefore, a BVN is a number issued to you following successful biometric verification at the financial institution where you open an account.

An 11-digit BVN number will be assigned to your bank account information and sent to all financial institutions in the country. To put it another way, your Bank Verification Number and bank account info even if you’ve misplaced your BVN card, you can still verify your information online.

How to Check Bvn Details on Phone?

code to check bvn

Your BVN information is readily accessible online, regardless of the type of phone you use. If your phone can send and receive text messages, you don’t even need an internet connection.

Enter 5650# to see your BVN number. All network carriers including MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9mobile can use this code.

So, 5650# is the global code for checking/retrieving your BVN details, regardless of which bank you bank with.

Here is how to look up your BVN online if you are a GTB subscriber. Dial 7376*1# to reach us.

Please note that you can only access your BVN information from the phone number you provided during registration. That means the phone number you used to sign up for BVN is the only one that can dial the activation code. Don’t use your GLO sim to check your BVN details using 5650# if you’ve registered your BVN with MTN.

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How to Register for Your Bvn?

A BVN can be obtained at the branch of the bank where an account has been opened; Follow the steps below after speaking with a customer service rep and requesting the BVN section:

  • Get a BVN enrollment form;
  • Fill out the enrollment form accurately and return it to the bank’s enrollment officer; you’ll need to provide biometric data like fingerprints and a photo of your face;
  • Collect your enrollment receipt from the enrolling officer and depart the bank.
  • Within 24 hours, a bank representative will send you a brief message with your BVN number included.
  • Please remember to update your information wherever you registered your BVN if any of it has changed.

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I’ve taught you the ropes on how to look up and register your BVN. You can use the comment area to ask questions and make suggestions. All Nigerian banks, including the ones you don’t work with, can see your information.

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