Can You See Old Reactions on BeReal?

A breath of fresh air has infiltrated people s devices in the form of BeReal. You might think you ve tried every app, but this photo-sharing platform from 2020 has significantly altered how people use social media. The app encourages you to take some untouched and authentic photos of your lifestyle! People are free to react to your posts with emojis or their RealMoji.

can you see old reactions on bereal

Who among us doesn t love seeing reactions to their posts? We all enjoy receiving appreciation, so these small reactions are enough to brighten our day.

But there is one query that many people continue to have, and we are here to address it today. Do you believe BeReal allows you to view old reactions? We hope you read the blog until the end to learn all about the topic we are discussing today.

Can You See Old Reactions on BeReal?

A lot of BeReal users want to know if they can access the old comments on the app. We are confident that you are one of them because you stumbled upon this blog today.

Let s clear the air now that we are all here. Only the most current reactions to the post or video will be visible to you. You ll probably only see the most recent ones since BeReal does not update them within a set timeframe.

In reality, the amount of time you can view reactions back may be limited on some platforms. In fact, some platforms may have time limits on how far back you can see reactions.

Some apps might only let specific people watch their reactions depending on their privacy settings. Many users on BeReal are unable to see any reactions. Let s quickly go over the main reason you can t see reactions on the app in the parts that follow.

Reason: There is a technical glitch

Any app will occasionally experience glitches, but that doesn t mean we enjoy it when they do. In reality, it is never a pleasant sight to see them causing havoc on the app.

However, there are instances when there is little we can do to get rid of them; nevertheless, making an effort to do so is a significant step. In some cases, removing the bugs doesn t take much work.

The app may have slowed down as a result of these technical issues, which may have contributed to the reactions showing up later than expected. We can only assume that this is the cause of the reactions that aren t showing up on the app.

You should either update the app or clear your storage to see if it works to your advantage. Let us lead you down to these solutions in detail so that you don t get lost on the path.

Fix 1: Cleaning the in-app cache

The issue at hand may be quickly resolved by clearing the cache. After all, clearing them out may aid in removing the hiccups. Having your storage full also increases the possibility of the system slowing down.

Even though we can t promise that this one remedy will work for you, it is worth a shot.

Steps to clean in in-app cache:

Step 1:OpenSettingson your device.

Step 2:Find theAppsoption and tap on Manage apps next.

Step 3:FindBeRealfrom the menu and tap on it to proceed.

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