Can You Find History of IP Addresses That Logged into Your Amazon Account?

Which app do you always use to shop? After performing in-depth polls, we discovered that the majority of internet users responded with Amazon, so if you were one of them, we wouldn’t be shocked. Unbelievably, this e-commerce monster, which today dominates all the internet industries that genuinely matter, whether it be artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, online streaming, or advertising, had a fairly modest beginning more than 20 years ago.

can you find history of ip addresses that logged into your amazon account

Amazon began as a digital music and video store before branching out to include books, games, toys, electronics, and home improvement. Nowadays, you can buy just about everything there, from lipstick to farm seeds.

After only ten years of operation, Amazon had already attained sufficient global acclaim to introduce Prime, an exclusive paid membership.For its members, this membership unlocked a wide range of privileges and advantages, and these advantages have only gotten greater over time.

You can share your account with friends and family and take advantage of a more comprehensive service from the platform, which is one of these fascinating perks. In this article, we’ll go deeper into Amazon’s multi-user functionality and how to keep a closer eye on it. Let’s get going now!

Can You Find History of IP Addresses That Logged into Your Amazon Account?

If you feel that your Amazon account has recently been compromised, whether it’s because of a potential threat or merely a privacy concern, there’s always cause for alarm. However, we regret that there is no way to search the list of IP addresses that have accessed your Amazon account on the platform in the past.

This is so that individuals may remain sensitive to one another, even if they share an account, as the platform considers users’ IP addresses to be private knowledge for good reason.

Additionally, it is very difficult to retrieve a log-in history for your Amazon account (for all the devices utilizing it) on the Amazon app. Even a third-party tool may not be useful in situations like these.

Do we have any positive news at all, then? Indeed, we do. To discover out what it is, keep reading.

How to check the devices that are currently logged into your Amazon account

Even while it could be challenging to maintain track of every device’s IP address that has ever signed into your Amazon account, if your issue is more recent in nature, we might be able to assist you.

Curious as to what we mean? You are entitled to some benefits on the website if you have an Amazon Prime account and the phone number used to register the account.

One such advantage is having access to a list of all the devices—not just the Shopping device, but also Prime Video, Prime Music, and Kindle—that are currently logged into your account.And even that isn’t all!

You can deregister any device that is not listed here as the principal account holder with just a flick of your fingertip. They will be removed from your account if they deregister. Then you can update it so that even if they have your old password, it will no longer let them log in.

However, where can you find this data on Amazon? They’ll get you there if you follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Find the mud-yellow icon with a smiling for Amazon on your smartphone’s menu grid, and tap it to open the app.

Step 2: When you first open the tab, you will see the home symbol in the left-most position in a column with four other icons. There is a silhouette icon to its right.

To access the yourAccount page, tap this symbol.

Step 3: The top of this page will say “Hello, XYZ,” where XYZ is your login.

It is followed by four buttons, which are organized in two rows. You need to press on the “Your Account” button located at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 4: You’ll see lists of alternatives broken down into different categories on the next tab you select.

OfOrders comes first, then comes Account Settings. The solution to your search can be found in this second section.

Step 5: The fourth option you’ll see when you scroll down to Account Settings is thisContent and Devices.

When you tap on this choice, a new tab will open.

Step 6: On the top, you will see four options placed horizontally:




Security Settings

When you select Devices, the following heading will appear:Devices (xyz) have Amazon apps installed.

You can check the number of distinct devices that have signed into your account in the bracket next to the header.

These devices are listed below, organized into the various sections of the Amazon app they’ve been using. A list of all registered devices will appear when you press on each app, along with a button to deregister them.

The last date that they registered for your account and the fact that they are Android or iOS devices can also help you identify them even though their IP addresses cannot be traced here.

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