Can ChatGPT Write Code? How Accurate is ChatGPT in Coding? (2023)

Based on user input, ChatGPT is a chatbot solution powered by AI that produces responses in natural language. Most programmers would be eager to use ChatGPT for their work because it typically resolves most queries in a matter of minutes. Can ChatGPT, however, write code? How well does it write codes? This manual contains the responses to these queries.

ChatGPT: Can it Write a Code? How accurate it is in writing a Code (2023)

Can ChatGPT write Code

Whether ChatGPT can write codes is a complex question. Rather than being a code generator, this AI chatbot is intended to have human-like conversations. As a result, ChatGPT lacks any specialized understanding of programming languages or frameworks. This means that it can create text that looks like code. These codes, however, may not always be accurate or ideal. For instance, ChatGPT might produce something like this if the user requests that it create a Python function that returns the difference between two numbers:

def subtract_numbers(a, b):
return (a b)

This might appear to be legitimate Python code, but unless you run it, you may not be able to tell if there are any syntax errors. This is due to the fact that ChatGPT, which tries to mimic human input, has no idea how to deal with failures or exceptions. As a result, ChatGPT is not a trustworthy source for creating code. It might occasionally yield some functional code fragments, but it might also produce damaging or absurd code that could lead to mistakes or other problems. Therefore, using ChatGPT for any important coding work or projects is not advised.

Can ChatGPT Plugins be used to generate Codes?

Currently, ChatGPT excels in producing interesting and entertaining natural language responses. However, ChatGPT plugins may completely alter the situation. If Open AI develops add-ons that enable you to generate code in many different programming languages, including Python, Java, C, and others. It can be quite time-efficient. However, due to several restrictions, this is not going to happen anytime soon.

I trust you now know whether ChatGPT is able to write code. Check out our other guides as well, like the ones on how to utilize ChatGPT plugins or the best Android apps that resemble ChatGPT.

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