AirPlay Not Working

Apple users have the ideal opportunity to wirelessly broadcast video from their Apple device through their speaker or TV thanks to AirPlay. While AirPlay typically operates flawlessly, problems can occasionally arise with any piece of technology.

We can assist you if AirPlay isn’t working. In this post, we’ll explain how to fix AirPlay if it’s freezing, stuttering, or not functioning at all. Don’t leave if your iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, or iPad is having any of these problems.

Let’s start right away!

Quick Fix

Try some of the solutions listed below if you don’t have time to read our entire post and need the best cures right now.

  • Ensure all your devices are turned on, close to each other, and not in sleep mode.
  • You could always try connecting your devices to the same network.
  • Make sure your devices have all the latest updates.
  • Check if AirPlay has been accidentally restricted or blocked by a Firewall, or Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Restart all of your devices. If this doesn t work, try updating your router too.

What Is Apple AirPlay And How Can We Use It?

For those who are unaware, AirPlay is a piece of software that enables Apple customers to stream media from their Apple devices to speakers or televisions. Only Apple goods and gadgets that support AirPlay can be used with it.

Your TV will precisely replicate what is on the device you are playing from once AirPlay is enabled.

Any Apple device, including the Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, as well as a Wi-Fi connection are all you need to use AirPlay.

The AirPlay connection choice will then appear whenever you use apps like Music, TV, YouTube, Videos, Pictures, and Safari. Simply choose the device you want to stream through and the content you want to send once the icon is shown.


How To Fix Your AirPlay Problems

It is normal to run into problems when attempting to use AirPlay. Fortunately, practically every issue you might run against is solvable. The numerous troubleshooting suggestions listed below should enable you to resolve any AirPlay issues you may be experiencing.



Apple Devices’ AirPlay Troubleshooting

  • Turn Bluetooth off and back on again. You can do this easily from the Control Center. Alternatively, head to SETTINGS > GENERAL > BLUETOOTH and then knock it off.
  • Turn your Wi-Fi off and on again. This can again be found in the SETTINGS and GENERAL section on your iOS device.
  • Is your Wi-Fi firmware updated? If not, this could be why your AirPlay isn t working.
  • You should ensure that your AirPlay device and Apple device are both connected to the same network.
  • Check your Apple TV for updates.
  • Restarting your router could fix any connectivity issues.
  • By accessing the Software Update section of your iOS device, you can ensure your device is completely up-to-date.
  • Restart all of your devices. To do this, you will probably have to disconnect the power.
  • Only use one device to stream. If two devices are trying to AirPlay at once, this will cause problems.
  • Uninstalling any apps that do a similar thing to AirPlay could work. Apps like Duet that do the same thing, often interfere.
  • Making sure there are no restrictions can help enable AirPlay once more. Go to SETTINGS > SCREEN TIME > CONTENT & PRIVACY RESTRICTIONS to change permissions.



Fixing AirPlay Issues on a Mac

You may also need to take any of these extra steps if you are having difficulties getting AirPlay to function with your Mac.

Step 1 Stop Your Firewall From Restricting AirPlay

It’s possible that your Firewall is preventing AirPlay from connecting to your other devices, which may be the cause. Go to PREFERENCES, select SECURITY & PRIVACY, then select FIREWALL to resolve this issue.

Before entering your admin password, click the tiny padlock when you arrive. You can make adjustments as a result. Then you can access FIREWALL OPTIONS. After completing this, make sure the option labelled “Block all incoming connections” is unchecked.

Simply check the box labelled “Automatically enable built-in software to receive incoming connections” after that.

Step 2 Turn Your Mac Off

The next action is to shut down your Mac. Holding down the power button is how to do this.

Step 3 Restart The Mac

The Mac can now be restarted. You should also reset your PRAM and NVRAM when you restart the Mac. Holding OPTION+COMMAND+P+R while resetting the Mac accomplishes this.

Holding down these keys is necessary for around 20 seconds, or until the starter chime sound is audible. Your temporary settings, including starting disc, display resolution, and volume, will be reset as a result, and the AirPlay should now function properly once more.

Final Thoughts

You can attempt the several techniques we’ve showed you in this brief guide to try to fix your Issue. AirPlay issues can be incredibly aggravating, but as you can see from our troubleshooting solutions, fixing them isn’t that tough.

Now that you have these solutions at your disposal, check them out to see which one works to fix your Issue.

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